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Selling Advice

If you’re selling your home, you want to do everything you can to help sell it quickly and for the desired amount.

We take care of selling each property like it was our own, which means taking the extra step to make sure it really shines.

First thing’s first: first impressions count!

While good advertising is crucial, it won’t do much good if the property emits a “negative vibe” from the moment people arrive! Helping your property make a great first impression doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming venture. While everyone has an opinion about what “sells”, our Estate Agents know of a few tricks that will definitely let house-hunters see your home in a positive light…

  • Clean up! This step is so simple, yet it’s the one that will make the worst initial impression if you skip it. Make sure the property is in great condition both inside and out. Curb appeal is important, so it’s wise to ensure any leaves/rubbish/debris is cleared from the front garden, and that windows and doors are cleaned and freshly painted if needs be.
  • De-cluttering the interior will help give your property a spacious feel, so clear away any laundry that may be out to dry as well as paperwork, toys and other mess.
  • If you have already moved or are selling a vacant property, “staging” can be a valuable tool to help it seem more endearing to buyers. This means leaving behind furniture, or investing in some inexpensive pieces that can be used to set the scene and help buyers envision the space as their home.
  • Poor lighting instantly detracts from a property. It can make the space seem cramped, and even suggest that you’re hiding something like damp or dirt. Investing in some additional lighting can help brighten up a space and elicit a positive response from buyers, and works well if you don’t have much natural light in the space to work with.
  • Having a nice aroma in the house also helps buyers picture themselves living there. For some it’s freshly baked cake, for other’s it’s a warm apple pie while for many a fresh pot of coffee will suffice. However you choose to do it, creating a nice smell throughout your house before a viewing is relatively easy, and yet can make a big difference. You can always light scented candles or invest in plug-ins to rid the home of any odours and create a welcoming smell too, which is particularly advisable in homes with children and pets.

These and other simple sales tips can make your property go from looking like a show house to feeling like a home. To find out more about these and other property sales tricks, contact the team at MeadowVale Estate Agents Ltd.