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Tenants Advice

There are numerous reasons you may choose to rent, whether you are relocating for work, saving towards a down-payment, moving to be closer to family or are experimenting with a new neighbourhood before deciding to buy.

Whatever your property criteria and budget, we can help you find the ideal unit in some of the most bustling, beautiful areas in the Vale and Cardiff. We know this unique market inside and out, because in addition to being where we work, it’s also where we live! We can make hunting for your next rental home a pleasure, providing no-nonsense advice and information.

When you’re thinking about renting, there are numerous factors to consider:

  • Do you know where you want to live? There can be many deciding factors ranging from transport links to budget, property type, preferred neighbourhood and more. Our Estate Agents have lived and worked in the Vale and Cardiff for all of their lives, and are in a great position to provide you with insight and advice that can help narrow down your search, and alert you to neighbourhoods you may not have been considering before.
  • How much are you prepared to spend? Bear in mind that your monthly budget should include more than just rent, and should also allow for utilities and things like internet and TV.
  • Are you looking for a short- or long-term rental? Leases are usually drawn up for an initial six-month period, so it’s a good idea to have a rough timeline in mind and decide whether you’d like to continue in the property afterwards.
  • Would you consider buying your rental if you liked it? There are some mid-market rent properties as well as Rent to Buy schemes in place that give you the option of purchasing your rented accommodation after a certain period of time, which may be worth investigating if you hope to make a move from renting on to the property ladder.
  • What sort of things are you looking for in a property? Do you require parking? Is it imperative to be close to transit? How about the property itself – are you a stickler for hardwood flooring? Or is a bathtub as opposed to a stand-in corner shower preferable? Even though you may not own the property, it’s still going to be your home while you’re the occupant. Even though the rental market is tight, it’s wise to give each property some thought to envision whether you can see yourself living there.
  • Do you know what’s required when it comes to putting in an offer to the landlord? We require a credit check to be carried out, as well as references from previous landlords or current employers (agency fees of between 30 and 40% of the rental price cover this). You will also have to pay your deposit all at once, so you should be prepared to have that available before starting your property search.

Need more help when it comes to renting a property? Get in touch with the team at MeadowVale Estate Agents Ltd. to ask the questions you want, and get the advice you need.